Comfort: (n.) a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint

Joy: (v.) Rejoice.

Sit down and dream with me here for a minute. Fastforward to 12/26 and the days after.

Christmas has come and gone. You really enjoyed the time with your family around the Christmas tree and engaging in traditions new and old.

The decorations are being put up, or maybe they already have and you are anticipating the drop of the ball with the rise of 2022. What a great holiday it was!

Just like an old familiar tune (cue Dan Folgerburg Same Old Lang Syne), you notice your pants fitting a little more snug than they did in October, your rings are too tight from so much sodium and you can seem to shake the cravings for sweet, sugary treats, bread and a personal favorite.... cheese. This is the first time you have really had a chance to sit back and say oh - wow - I didn't control my intake as well as I would have liked!

I'd like to share something with you today.

It doesn't have to be that way.

You can 100% go into 2022 the same size as you are today, or have even lost a few "LBs", if that is the direction your health is needing to go in.

So often we fall into the trap of YOLO (you only live once) and FOMO (fear of missing out) that we forfeit our ability to make food choices during the holiday that uphold where the Lord is leading our health. The temptation is real and it's amplified during the holidays.

  • I only live once, so I need to eat all the things.

  • We only gather like this once a year so I don't want to miss out!

  • I just can't say no!

Our emotions are tickled with joy of the pie Aunt Suzy makes only at Christmas while we simultaniously feel forlorn that this is the first, or twenty-first Christmas with our our Mom, Dad, child, brother.... so what do we do? If we aren't paying attention we obey our flesh and go for the food... and it tastes... so... good....

Listen, I am not immune to any of these temptions more than you are. I have to really dig deep sometimes to contend for what I am really wanting, and quite frankly, I fall short! The last two years are a perfect example of that. Pandemic, bum knee, surgery, more pandemic, knee bummed again, MORE surgery and did I mention a pandemic? Oh, and all of the other things to keep my four children alive and behvaing semi-civilized ;) I'm right here with you sister, denying my flesh... and exercising discipline with the cheesecake too.

I want us to all take time over this weekend to decide how we want to show up on 1/2/22. erin, do you want to show up sluggish and frustrated because your clothes don't fit due to over doing all the things and not moving your body enough.


Do you want wake up on 1/2/22 feeling good that you can breathe when you button your britches with your rings sliding on and off like butter. There are so many benefits to eating well over the holidays. We won't go into all of them here today, however I do want to give you a few quick and easy tips to help you enjoy in moderation while honoring your body as the temple it is.

  • Make a plan. Are you going to a Christmas party? You probably already know who will be there and what they will be serving. This will allow you to make a solid plan before you go! Some tips are:

  • Eat dinner/lunch/breakfast before you go. You will be far less likely to over do it if your belly is somewhat full.

  • Grab some water as soon as you get there and keep a glass of water in your hand! Full hands have a harder time munching!

  • Bring the healthy option everyone will love!

  • Fill your plate with veggies, then add some protein, only leaving the outer edge of your plate for treats.

  • Seconds - by all means - but keep it to the fruit, veggies and protein.

  • 1/2 scoop those dips, ladies. A little can go a long way!

  • Have a friend or your husband help hold you accountable.

  • Rest - do your very best to get some good sleep. When we don't have good sleep, our body hormones tell us we are hungry when we are not. True Story!

  • Make a plan. Are you going out to eat for a special occasion? Perfect! Look at the menu online so you will know exactly what to order. Tell someone what you plan to order and try your very best to order as soon as you sit down. If someone tries to give you a menu, simply say no thank you, that you already know what to order. Drink a bottle of water on the way to the restaurant. This will help keep you full so you don't over do it. If dessert is calling your name and you have prayerfully considered having it, split it with a friend or two!

  • Make a plan. Are you hosting or bringing a dish for Christmas Eve/Day? Plan a menu that makes sense with tradition and aligns with your health goals.

  • Make a plan. Don't weight yourself obsessively. (Unless you are under physician orders of course). Your body is going to naturally be inflammed from having more treats and carby breads. The scale is not going to give you an honest number. I recommend only weighing yourself AFTER 3 days of going back to your normal nutrition AND really flushing your body well with water.

  • Make a plan. Just say no. Peer pressure is real even as an adult. Well meaning family and friends can lead us down a path of food choices we really didn't want to make.... it's ok to say no. Your no might lead others to say no too!

I think you see the overarching theme here. Make a plan, and have someone come along side of you to help hold you accountable.

While you are making plans, please plan to join me and my business partner, Andrea Anderson for some REFRESHment on 12/29 at 8:30pm EST. We all know the weird feeling that the week after Christmas brings, so what a great time to come just as you are for some laid back community time with other believing women. We will chat about 2021 and where you want 2022 to take you.

Come just as you are. There is a high probablity I will be in my pajamas, so grab a friend & your jammies and come join us. Click here or on the image to the side to get the zoom link to join us. If you haven't joined our facebook group yet, Wholly Healthy Christian Moms, please click the group name to join. We will be hosting a really fun 12 noon NYE ball drop where we will be making some REALLY exciting announcements for WHCM.

Andrea & I are so very excited to be partnering together to bring you more Jesus! My prayer is you have a fantastic weekend and that God gives you all the time you need to make a clear plan for your meal plans SO that you can be feeling comfort AND joy on 1/2/2022.

In His Mercy,