What’s the all the fuss about water? Drinking water has several benefits. Water:


  • Helps us to feel full and satisfied (Your belly is full of water!)

  • Rids the body of salt and too much processed food (salt and processed food often go hand-in-hand). Ever notice that if you eat too much processed food that you feel bloated, but thirsty? This is your body signaling you to drink water and flush that out! Your body doesn’t need that stuff!

  • Aids in flushing out toxins, like pesticides.

  • Helps minimize fatigue, headaches and unclear thinking.

  • Prevents dehydration.

  • Stops us from overeating. **One of the first signs of dehydration is false hunger signals.**

I’ve experienced this myself as I’ve worked to get healthy. I’ve become more in tune with my body cues. I have noticed that when I feel hungry, either I haven’t had enough to drink or I am tired.

One of the things I tell my 1:1 clients or my membership group is that if you are feeling hungry, drink water first. If you are still hungry 15 minutes later, then you may be truly hungry. But, most of the time, if you have a balanced diet, your hunger signal is false and you are likely getting or are, dehydrated.

About eight years ago, we had just moved into our other house and it was hot. H O T.

There was a house being built next door and the workers were laying sod. I was waiting on a repair man to fix the microwave.

The repair man was coming in and out. So, I was just waiting for him to do his job and I suddenly heard this noise at the front door, loud footsteps. There’s another man who had been laying sod next door, entering MY house, speaking nonsense, saying crazy things in this loud, booming voice.

It scared the tar out of me. After I told him to leave my house, he COLLAPSED. At the time, I didn’t realize he’d been working next door. I thought he was an intruder.

So, he finally went back next door and they laid him down.

It became apparent that he was having a heat stroke from the lack of hydration.

He had classic symptoms: lack of energy, headache, and unclear thinking. This man was out of his head because he was working out in the yard next door and he'd had a heat stroke. I followed up with the landscaping company and they confirmed that he had absolutely had a heat stroke.

Now that we are heading into the sultry, summer days, and it is hot, it is so very important to drink water, and plenty of it.

If you need any other reasons to increase your water intake than what’s already been discussed, take note:

You can burn an extra 70 calories by drinking cold water. Seriously! It's true! It takes your body more energy to turn that cold water into a water that’s your body’s temperature.

Your body uses energy to warm up that water, and in doing so, you burn more calories.

Let’s switch gears a bit and talk about the importance of water and your liver. Your liver is responsible for turning fat into energy. Without water, your liver will be sluggish and you’ll build up fat cells, which can lead to something called fatty liver disease. Drinking water helps your liver to work properly and efficiently AND you are getting fat out of your body because you are converting it to energy.

When you are in a weight loss phase, as your liver purges the fat in your glycogen stores, water fills those glycogen stores.

My challenge for you today is to find a favorite cup or water bottle, whatever you choose to hold your water. This small step can help you to enjoy your water! Try it! You want something that will make drinking water enjoyable., Uh, right. And our last slide for today is a call to action for you guys. Me, personally? I have a few that I rotate through and it helps to keep me motivated to drink my water.

Also, now that you have your favorite water bottle picked out, start logging your water intake. Keep it simple. Pen and paper is fine. Or log it on your phone, maybe in your favorite weight loss/nutrition app.

If you need some extra motivation, send it to me on messenger (include link).

Just start keeping track. Now, you may find that you are drinking more than you thought and that’s fantastic. But most likely, you are drinking less than you think.

Let this be the beginning of building up to eighty ounces of water per day.

Stay tuned tomorrow and learn how to up the ante as well as take a look at what other drinks can do to your body systems.

And lastly, please, please, please invite your friends to join us. Education is power. Free. Education is like magical power with glitter.

So bring a friend along tomorrow, or more, to this free education, especially as we are entering into a season where it warmer outside, and we need to be more aware of hydration.

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