What is body composition?

Body composition is what we are made of. Our body is composed of four different things:

  • water

  • protein

  • minerals

  • fat.

Water flows through our bodies but it's also, in our muscles, our fat, our blood and other bodily fluids. Think about a river and how a river flow. It has a main channel, but the water also branches off into different tributaries and directly affects the health of the riverbank, the land connected to the riverbank and helps to nourish the vegetation that feeds the nearby animals. Water does the same for us and our body systems. A lot of times we correlate protein with, muscles. Yes, but did you know that protein can also be found in our bones and our organs? Minerals are the third component of our body composition. Minerals can be found in our bloodstream and in our bones. Lastly, we are composed of FAT! We need just the right amount of fat; not too much and not too little. Fats give us the energy we need to move throughout the day.

What do you think your organs are primarily made up of? That's right. Water! Imagine a dehydrated heart. It might look like a raisin in our mind's eye, and how well can a raisin pump blood through the body?? Go back to the idea of a healthy, flowing river. Have you ever seen a stagnant river? Gross, right? Now that we know our bodies are composed of primarily water, let's explore what water does for our body systems and our body composition Water keeps things moving!

  • We sweat water to rid ourselves of impurities and fat. Sweat also keeps our body temperatures regulated.

  • Water flushes out impurities and waste when we go to the bathroom

  • It lubricates our joints and helps out fat provide necessary layers of protection for organs, bones and joints.

  • Water creates saliva which helps us to chew and swallow

  • Mucous is a necessary part of our lives that helps to keep us healthy and help us when we are sick.

Sometimes drinking water can feel like a chore, which ties into our call to action for today:

  • Find your favorite water bottle and start tracking your water intake.

Please comment below sharing which water bottle is your favorite. I'd love to know!

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