Five Days to Thrive


The sultry Summer days are right around the corner, so what better topic chat about than water!

  • Do you think you are well hydrated?

  • Do you know how your water intake affects your body composition and overall health?

  • Do you know how scripture ties into hydration?

Drinking enough water is important for a variety of reasons, probably some you have never thought of. Your body literally depends on water to survive.

Join Erin Kay Coaching for a hydration mini-series where I will share the benefits of staying hydrated and some super simple shifts to easily increase hydration in your life.

To make this mini series in line with my super simple coaching practices, I am going to make learning knowledge and application of hydration easy and fun!

I will be posting practical tips and education on hydration for the next 5 days at 10:00am ET, with an occasional impromptu live to keep you motivated. Set an alarm to check my page at a time that works for you.

Go ahead and get your favorite water bottle washed and ready to fill! Tag a friend here and share the post to enter in a drawing for a FREE life balance wheel session with me. Woo hoo!! Check out the image below for more details on what each day will be focused on. "See" y'all tomorrow!

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