Very plainly stated, micronutrients, are vitamins and minerals.

They aren't less important at all. They are just smaller in size!

VITAMINS: are important for energy production, our immune function, blood clotting, and a lot of other things.

There are a couple of different types of vitamins:

- Water-soluble vitamins (B&C), key for energy production. We use what we need and get rid of the rest in our waste (sweat and going to the bathroom). Because we get rid of what we don't use, it's important to be getting water-soluble vitamins daily.

- Fat soluble vitamins (K&D), stroed in our liver and fatty tissue to be used later. Our body stores these.

Many people have a deficiency in Vit D. We can get vit D in some of our foods, but the best source of vitamin D is the sun.

MINERALS: are important for growth, bone, health, fluid balance, and several other body processes. Minerials are either macro or trace.

This doesn't mean that trace minerals are not important. It means that we just need even less of them than the macro minerals, but they are all important and we need them.

We need iron, copper, zinc and fluoride, but we need less than what we need with macro minerals.

Macro minerals are needed in large amounts. Think calcium or sodium or potassium. Yes, we NEED sodium, but don't over do it again, these are MICROnutrients. Sodium is a key source for electrolyte balance which can actully help to fend of hunger and muscle cramps. Pickle juice anyone?

Here's a new word for you: PHOTONUTRIENTS. What we know about these guys is they are in the food we eat and we haven't figured out how many our bodies need.

What do photonutrients do? Basically they help to balance our hormones. EXAMPLE: broccoli, has a lot of photo nutrients which helps help us to balance hormone levels. Wild, huh?

Think of photosynthesis when you think of photonutrients. Food that needs photosynthesis to grow is where you're going to get your photonutrients from.

Photonutrients are kind of like the icing on the cake of nutrition. They're not one of the building blocks like macros, but they help us to be healthy and prevent disease.


Fortified means adding nutrients to food that is not normally there like Vit D milk. Supplements are not intermixed in food. Personally, I suggest eating as many whole foods as possible to get all of your macros and micros but if you need a supplement, make sure its one that you body can and will absorb. All supplements are not created equally.


ALL micronutients can all be found within the macronutrients. Say what?! Isn't God amazing! Macronutrients are like the houses for the micronutrients. Pretty amazing.

Tomorrow we will tie this all toegther with our MAKER (my favorite part of this) and what scripture says about micro and macro nutrients.

I'm so glad you stuck with me through this series. I promised you it wasn't scary and overwhleming?! If you have questions about what eating balanced macros could look like for you, comment below or send me a DM and I will help get you started.

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