Let’s shift our focus to fats. Our bodies need fats to run efficiently. We need fat to keep us warm. Fat also protects our organs from trauma or injury. Our fat stores also help our bodies when we get sick.

Before we dig into fat, let’s debunk a myth.

Opinion: FAT IS BAD.

As noted above, our bodies need fat to function optimally. Finally, God created our bodies to have fat for many different reasons.

So, what percent of our daily calories should come from fat? For most of us, our fat intake should be about 20% of our total calories. Our daily fat intake should not be more than 25%.

So, just to clarify. Fat is NOT bad. EXCESSIVE fat intake is not ideal. High fat intake is not healthy.

Healthy fats do some amazing things for our bodies.

Let’s talk a bit about “energy dense”. This is the area where people get in trouble with fat. Lets face it. Fat tastes good, right? But fat is really energy dense. This means that, for example, a carbohydrate has 4 calories per gram versus fat with 9 calories per gram.

Fat provides more energy than carbs. It has more calories than carbohydrates which perfectly illustrates that a little bit of fat can go a long way. It also means that we don’t need excessive amounts of fat to function.

Our bodies will continue to store fat that we're not burning. Once you’ve hit your weight loss goals, we want to make sure you can maintain your weight. We need to make sure that we’re burning your calories and that we’re not continuing to eat high amounts of fat and those carbs that turn into fat, the pizza, French fries, etc.

Our bodies don't have a limit to the fat we can store. Fat can continue to pile on. We really have to monitor our fat intake to be sure that those calories fit within our daily calorie budgets. It’s easy to blow our fat calorie budgets, right? Fat just tastes SO good.

The image below has a list of wonderful fats to choose from, but remember, even the good fat needs to be eaten in moderation. **Be sure you check the serving size to determine how much you can eat, when compared to your calorie intake.

Knowing the serving size for these good fats will also help with your portion control. It can be really hard to limit these fats appropriately, because they just taste so good.

Knowing the serving size and even popping some of those little 100 calories packs of peanut butter, nuts, etc., are also a great way to consume that good fat, but also enforcing portion control, giving yourself the energy and fuel without overdoing it.

If you have any take aways from the last two days, let it be that CARBS and FAT are not bad, scary, dirty words! They are two of the three macronutrients that our bodies need. What healthy carbs and fat do you plan to build into your diet today? One more new weight loss program is launching! This is for the Christian woman between 30-65 with 30-65+ to lose. --> If you've tried all.the.things: pills, patches, programs, supplements and either failed to lose any weight OR ended up gaining all that lost weight back (and then some, if you're honest) --> If you wholeheartedly agree that your body is a temple but know that you aren't a size or weight God wants you to be -->If you see very clearly how excess weight is holding you back as a Mom, wife, and is driving a wedge between you and the Lord BUT, you KNOW the Lord made you for me and you desire accountability and long for a trusted, Christian professional to help you break through the chains of emotional eating, binge eating, crazy fasts, and feeling self conscious in social settings and in your own skin... -->If you answered an emphatic "YES"! to any or all of these, then THIS is the program for you. -->I am taking early bird seats now for my program that will officially be launching in July. PM me if you want to chat and reserve your seat. You can also fill out this quick Google form which will provide me more detail on who you are and what your needs are.

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