Macros, Micros, and Our Maker DAY 3 - Carbs and the Glucose, Insulin Waltz We took the weekend off to spend time together as a family and to enjoy Father's Day. I pray the same was for you and your family. It's Monday so what better time to get back to our Macros, Micros and our Maker talk than today!

On day 2 we talked about sugar and carbs and how we aren't born with a sweet tooth. It's something that is learned which means we can unlearn it too.

Working through the dependence on sugar takes work. In the coming days, as we further delve into macros/micros, I will talk more about sugar and breaking up with it for good. But, let’s talk about glucose and insulin. Glucose and insulin perform a “waltz” of sorts. We want our glucose levels and our insulin levels to be steady. We don't want glucose and insulin to have spikes and dips. Check out the image below for a very basic way to visualize this.

We want them to be working in tandem together. That comes from fueling our bodies well. Again, we need carbs to function optimally, but we need to be sure that our bodies are BURNING them for fuel, not STORING them. (Again, check out the sugar chart image.) The sugars that come from carbs in pizza dough? That doesn’t get wasted, it gets “waisted”, as in directly to our waists.

So, what carbs should we be eating?

First, eat mainly leafy and colorful vegetables. Most of your carb intake should be these leafy, colorful vegetables.

Second, consume fresh fruits, berries, nuts, and seeds.

Next, look to sweet potatoes, yams and pumpkin.

Finally, and at the bottom, choose whole grains and potatoes.

The beauty of this plan for carbs is that no one is saying, “Potatoes are bad! Don’t eat potatoes”! We are simply saying eat those carbs toward the bottom of the above list in moderation because they are more starchy.

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