We talked yesterday about God's gift of nutrtion by way of scripture as a foundation for learning more about Macs and Mics. Today we are going to touch a bit on one of the macronutrients.

Simply put, macronutrients are fuel to our bodies, like gasoline is to an automobile. Macronutrients keep our bodies running. Macronutrients are basically carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Amazingly, we can find these macronutrients (and micronutrients) on the earth.

Today we're going to look at carbohydrates. We hear so much about carbs. Carbs are bad. Don’t eat carbs. They’ll put you in the grave.


Our bodies need carbohydrates to function at an optimal level. Carbs are the critical key to fueling our bodies.

There are carbohydrates that are good for us, that fuel us well, and there are carbohydrates that do not.. I'm sure you can think of some things that don't fuel as well.....

For instance, pizza doesn’t really fuel us well. For the high number of carbs in pizza, this food and the connected carbs just don’t fuel our bodies well.

Now, fruits and vegetables? These are loaded with carbs and they fuel our bodies.

Our bodies were designed to use the carbs found in fruits and vegetables in an optimal and efficient manner so that we can have the energy we need to function.

I’m sure the burning question now is this:

“So how much of our daily calories should consist of carbohydrates”?

Y’all may just fall out of your chairs. (If you’re doing keto or any other number of low carb diets, listen up!)

Our daily intake of carbohydrates should be at about 50%. YES! About 50% of our daily calories should be carbohydrates.

Carbs are directly related to our insulin pump. Carbs can cause spikes and dips in our insulin levels. As you can imagine, these spikes and dips aren’t great for our bodies. Because of this, I recommend that my 1:1 clients eat 6 times per day. I have them find a balance between carbs and the proteins and fats because we want to avoid those spikes and dips.

Let’s talk about the idea of a “sweet tooth”. So y’all, we were not born with a sweet tooth. We are simply conditioned over time to have a sweet tooth. Do you know why? These cravings are linked to the effects of sugar, especially refined sugar. Studies have shown that sugar is more addictive than heroin. Yes, heroin. Sugar lights up our dopamine centers more than heroin. That “sweet tooth” is forming as we feed it more sugar. So we feed it. Elation. Then some time later, your body starts wanting more sugar. More elation. More sugar high!! You’ll be longing for sugar, pizza, chips, other carbs, all of those things because your body and brain want the sugar. This is where we get the idea of a “sweet tooth”. It’s not related to your tastes at all. It is highly related to your body and brain craving more and more sugar.

Newsflash: You CAN break up with sugar! In my own life, I’m to the point now that I just can’t eat something with high sugar content. Some time ago, my son gave me a bit of his birthday cake. I had just ONE bite. It made me nauseous and nearly gave me a headache. My body just isn’t used to that influx of sugar anymore. Now, 4 years ago, I could sit there and eat a whole grocery store cake. No problem. Working through the dependence on sugar takes work. In the coming days, as we further delve into macros/micros, I will talk more about sugar and breaking up with it for good.

Tomorrow we are going to talk a bit about glucose and insulin and their beautiful, magical waltz....

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