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About Me

I am a certified  Christian health/habit coach, licensed master level social worker and married (15 years) mother of four.

Relatable and biblical, I share real-life experiences leading to simple shifts, where women tame the overwhelm and reignite their passion toward their God-given purpose.

Above all, I am a Jesus loving wife to Wade and Mom to four beautiful children. I 2016, I experienced several back to back life traumas resulting in significant weight gain and devastating disconnect form my purpose as a daughter of God.

In 2018, God spoke directly to me and told me “enough was enough” and I turned my health and weight around. Now I am seventy pounds lighter and deeply rooted in my purpose.

As a result of my experience, and professional training as a Licensed Master Level Social Worker, I started my own company, Rooted Health, LLC and became a Certified Biblical Health Coach to help other women tame their overwhelm and extinguish personal burn out, to reignite passion to their purpose and add energy to their days as a “Wholly Healthy Christian Mom”.

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